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NHS employees have registered more than 10,000 complaints with their bosses over the past three years about a lack of qualified staff on duty, it has been revealed.
The lack of qualified staff is certainly evident in the NHS at the moment, coupled with just don't care, like it or lump it staff.
Basic problems such as misallocation of resources, corrupt practices and lack of qualified staff, supplies and medicines plague the health care sector and endanger the health and lives of both adults and children.
A lack of qualified staff is one of the most common.
There were additional criticisms over medication record-keeping and the lack of qualified staff on duty.
Due to the lack of qualified staff available and the expense of training staff for these tasks, the programs become fragmented and ineffective.
The most common barriers to sleep education cited among pediatric residency programs were lack of qualified staff to provide such education (53%), insufficient time to do so (47%), and lower priority compared with other educational topics (46%).
The inspector general report stated this resulted from the lack of qualified staff and equipment, as well as restrictions by the Federal Aviation Administration, and weather, among other things.
Centres of this type rarely face problems relating to lack of qualified staff or illegality, but such high costs limit the opportunity for impoverished drug addicts to receive treatment.
They are responsible for serving the governorate's population, estimated at half a million, but they are doing so either without basic medical equipment or outdated devices and a lack of qualified staff.
The director of one oilfield services company told Reuters the payment problems from PDVSA and a lack of qualified staff were the two main challenges facing projects in the Orinoco, which often already lacked even basic infrastructure.
"Lack of qualified staff and age structure are issues to look at for the longer term," she says.