LACTCLos Angeles County Transportation Commission
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The LACTC is planning to build the longest new-start light rail system in the country as part of a proposed 300-mile railway, which will also include heavy rail (subway) and commuter rail lines.
It is functioning as a generator instead of creating torque," said Bart Kane, director of operations and maintenance at the LACTC.
As a Chatsworth resident, I was fortunate enough to be appointed by the mayor to the LACTC and spent an invigorating, yet frustrating eight years representing the city.
Peterson, now a Seattle consultant, was architect of the region's once grandiose rail-building plans while executive director of the LACTC, an MTA predecessor.
The LACTC put up $100,000 toward Bohlinger's down payment in a shared-equity deal and will split any profits or losses with her, Matsumoto said.
A group of 59 LACTC employees had been due raises after completing probation periods or their first year of work in the months before the merger, but their bosses never completed required performance reviews, said Walsh.
A second group of 66 former LACTC workers also pushed for back raises.