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Neville commenced a 16-year spell on the executive council of the Welsh Ladies' Golf Union in 1980 and was chairman in 1995 and 1996, having served on the LGU from 1987 to 1990.
The Weetabix Women's British Open championship is run by the Ladies' Golf Union, which states: "It shall be a condition of any competition organised by the Ladies' Golf Union that players must be of the female gender
Salmon, a former chief executive of the St Andrews based Ladies' Golf Union, will be responsible for promoting the "One plan for golf" initiative - a scheme aimed at bringing the golfing bodies in Scotland closer and helping to develop the game at all levels.
NEW YEAR'S DAY is a milestone day in Welsh golf when the Welsh Golfing Union and the Welsh Ladies' Golf Union merge to formthe Golf Union of Wales.
* ANDY SALMON, Chief Executive Officer and Secretary of the Ladies' Golf Union since 2002, has resigned to take up a new role with De Vere Hotels.
A study by the Ladies' Golf Union of Great Britain and Ireland found the extent of the crisis facing women's golf is getting serious, with most clubs now having plenty of vacancies for new lady members.
Nine-year-old Charley Hull, of Kettering, defied galeforce winds to win the Ladies' Golf Union's Health Perception championship at Turnberry.
"The Ladies' Golf Union is delighted that the world's top women professionals will have the opportunity in 2007 of playing over the world's best known course," said Andy Salmon, chief executive of the LGU.
THE Welsh Golfing Union and the Welsh Ladies' Golf Union are to merge from January 1 next year in a move to promote greater equality within the game.
Following the bleak picture painted by the Ladies' Golf Union in this column, you would be excused for thinking words such as success story and women's golf do not belong in the same sentence.
A president-elect will be chosen, although with the proposed merger with the Welsh Ladies' Golf Union imminent, it is unclear exactly what will happen in the future as far as office holders are concerned.
She was chairman of the English Ladies Golf Association (ELGA) in 1970 and 1971 and president from 1993-95, before taking up the same role at the Ladies' Golf Union in St Andrews.