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LAFALibyan American Friendship Association
LAFALos Angeles Fight Academy (California; est. 1993)
LAFALos Angeles Fastener Association
LAFALight Aircraft Flyers Association (Miami, FL, USA)
LAFALee Alumni and Friends Association (Springfield, Virginia)
LAFALakeshore Academy of Fine Arts (Canada)
LAFALeft Atrial to Femoral Artery
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(79) Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas (LAFA) is perhaps the most important Iranian proxy in Syria.
In Legal Advice Issued by Field Attorneys (LAFA) 20082801F, the IRS ruled that a subsidiary of a parent corporation had income from the sale of the parent's gift cards at the time the cards were purchased in or reloaded by certain designated stores, but it could take a deduction only when the card was ultimately redeemed by a customer at one of the stores.
The band is known for both its original compositions - the group's EP "Hunter's Moon" was released last year - and its remixes - the Lourde remix of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" nearly has had 1.5 million plays on Soundcloud, and the band just dropped a remix of Beats Antique's "Killer Bee" featuring Lafa Taylor.
Irvine, CA, December 09, 2015 --( Shop lafa, a part of the International DSM Group.
The selected kebeles were Debibisa Wachu Lafa, Goraja Ferda, Merebe Mermersa, Adulala Hatttie Harore, Wake Miya Tiyo, Dabe Dengore, Kobo Luto, Wonji Kuruftu, and Kechema.
Since then, the Syrian regime's defense strategy has become increasingly reliant on Hezbollah, and Shi'a militias loosely organized into Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas (LAFA).
Afaan kam gargaaramtu lafa gabaatti (iddoo bittaa fi gurgurtaatti) [phrase omitted] 13.Which other languages do your people know?
But how have we gotten to the point where a hamburger, a lafa [large stuffed pita], or a plate of pasta costs 50 shekels [$13]?"
(ed.), Hacia una Teologia de lafa?nilia, Salamanca: Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, 2009, 91-124.
Fighters from this refugee population appear to have followed an organizational model similar to Liwa Abu Fadl al-Abbas (LAFA), the main pro-regime Shiite brigade in Syria.
We are helping the LAF to keep the Lebanese people safe, maintain stability and protect LebanonA's borders, through a A'10 million ($15 million) programme in support of the LAFA's five-year Capabilities Development Plan, as my predecessor General Richards announced in July.