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LAKLakeland (Amtrak station code; Lakeland, FL)
LAKLos Angeles Kings (hockey)
LAKLogin Acknowledgement Message
LAKLymphokine-Activated Killer Cell
LAKLove And Kisses
LAKLackland AFB (San Antonio, TX)
LAKLaotian Kip (ISO currency code)
LAKLorain Admiral King (Lorain, OH school district)
LAKLakonian (linguistics)
LAKLeft Above Knee Amputation
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Among the startups: a real estate development and investment business; and a maritime security and counter-piracy business, Lakonian International.
Lakonian is a market leader in the provision of tailored, comprehensive solutions to maritime security, logistics, training, and general security requirements.
Attributed to the Boread Painter, Lakonian Black-Figure Kylix, interior: Bellerophon and Pegasos Battle the Chimaera, Sparta (in Lakonia), 570-565 B.C., terracotta, height: 4 11/16" (12 cm), diameter of bowl: 5 1/2" (14 cm), The J.
Hodkinson, 'Sharecropping and Sparta's Exploitation of the Helots,' in [GREEK TEXT OMITTED], Lakonian Studies in Honour of Hector Catling (Oxford, 1992), 123ff.
It is argued here that the drinking snake in association with human figures first appeared on Lakonian monuments during the 5th century B.C., perhaps as a way of stressing the close association of the snake with the hero and, by extension, his friendly union with the chthonic powers.
Along the course of the wall are numerous large fragments of Lakonian and Corinthian tiles discussed below), and these may indicate that the upper part of the wall was constructed of mudbrick with a covering of tiles to protect it.
(11) Even though their presence on 6th-century Lakonian pottery is uncertain, (12) they were nevertheless represented on the throne of Apollo at Amyklai (13) and in the bronze reliefs in the temple of Athena Chalkioikos.
(13) And on a Lakonian cup by the Naukratis Painter, yet another lizard, stretched thin like a spearpoint, hovers behind a kneeling hoplite (facing left) and a horseman (moving right).
The type isolated as possibly Lakonian in my 1993 Hesperia article has since been analyzed by the Fitch Laboratory at the British School at Athens and found to be consistent with such an origin, save in one case in which my original typological allocation could be questioned.