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LTTSLong Term Transport Strategy (UK)
LTTSLocal Television Transmission Service
LTTSLambs to the Slaughter
LTTSLong Term Treatment Syndrome
LTTSLufthansa Technik Turbine Shannon (Ireland)
LTTSLoss Tolerant Transport for Satellite
LTTSLoop Transport Test System (Hekimian)
LTTSLead Time Tracking System
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to be across sand I just especially Jackson's still picture the lads yet And year ensure learn all about A few looked like lads you'd see down at JD Sports buying new trainers, yet they were lambs to the slaughter.
Most cricket observers believe a depleted New Zealand side will be lambs to the slaughter against a wounded Australian team baying for blood this summer.
There were even reports of them bleating as they advanced, mocking their status as lambs to the slaughter.
=93Are we going to stand like lambs to the slaughter while the malicious go= vernment destroys the lives of tens of thousands of Israeli families=85we m= ust understand that =91it will come to pass.=94 The only solution, he said= , =93is to immediately declare the establishment of an independent Jewish s= tate in Judea and Samaria.=94
Like lambs to the slaughter, nubile teenagers, some obviously at their first gig, came flying out of the pit with their lives barely intact.
Smith and Hickock were lambs to the slaughter, sacrificed at the altar of Capote's ruthless pursuit of adulation.
'I was glued to the TV on Friday and the 13 housemates looked like lambs to the slaughter.'
Until the agencies responsible for the road system in Birmingham get together and do something to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the city, Coun Lawrence should be more careful about sending young children out on to the streets by themselves, just like lambs to the slaughter.
The next day we were moved by a speech by the local commander of the Hagana, the Jewish underground fighting the British occupation, who led us in taking an oath: "Never again will we go like lambs to the slaughter!" Staff and students frequently staged plays extolling the virtues of working the land and fighting for our homeland.
Steve Dennis LIKE lambs to the slaughter unfortunately.
"People are saying we have no chance, that's it's David and Goliath stuff, lambs to the slaughter even, I've heard it all this week.
Had England gone out early they would have been lambs to the slaughter - it would potentially have affected them mentally."