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According to an estimate by the Forestry Agency, imports of sawed timbers in 2000 will increase 6.3% to 10.02 million cubic meters, while those of laminated lumber will soar 46.4% to 520,000 cubic meters.
He also foresees more laminated lumber and fewer 2 x 20s and 2 x 12s.
The extract was combined with formaldehyde to produce a resin that was used to manufacture five-layer glued laminated lumber using four wood species, namely, pangsor (Ficus callosa), mindi (Melia azedarach), pine (Pinus merkusii), and mangium (Acacia mangium).
The resin could be used to manufacture glued laminated lumber (glulam) and composites or laminated bamboo flooring (Santoso et al.
DR Johnson Lumber, Oregon State team up on cross laminated lumber
Superior Laminated Lumber Corporation 02-15-2006 Thunder Bay
One of the most commonly used adhesives in laminated lumber in Chile is phenol-resorcinol-formaldehyde (PRF), which cures at room temperature and has high humidity resistance, making it adequate for exterior use.
Kenora to be the site of one of three laminated lumber strand plants in NorthAmerica
The effect of beam size, particularly depth, has been investigated over the years for solid wood and laminated lumber beams [2,6-8,11].