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Landowners interested in seeing more woodcock and wildlife diversity should consider clear-cutting small patches as a land management option in the future.
It will not affect the existing land use entitlements of current private landowners, but through a coordinated and supported approach, will enable them to explore new land management options for the use of their properties.
The amount of grant available is unlimited if water capital items are included as part of a wider five-year application, which includes other land management options.
It said that wherever possible, land not under agri-environment land management options should be used first for supplementary feeding.
Among specific topics are the field investigation and finite element modeling of a progressive debris slide in the Indian Himalayas, two methods for measuring the internal velocity of debris flows in the laboratory, modeling soil erosion and sediment transport under different land management options in a southern Italy watershed, the influence of storm-based events on the suspended sediment flux in a small scale river catchment in Ireland, and a framework of human reliability analysis in a geotechnical risk assessment for hillside development.
It must also choose between two land management options: either a three-month winter clearance period, or a stocking-density option specific to the common.
Extensive allocated leases constrain land management options, requiring trade-offs among oil palm production, carbon emissions mitigation, and maintaining community landholdings.
As in previous years, the change of land ownership has in many instances brought new families into the rural community and potentially new land management options for local farmers.
Natural England said where possible, land not under agri-environment land management options should be used first for supplementary feeding.
Staff won't help farmers complete application forms, or even accept completed forms, but they will offer guidance on the Whole farm Code and land management options.
Farmers can choose from a range of 39 different land management options to achieve the number of points they will require to qualify for Glastir.
It was finally approved by the Commission in December, almost exactly a year after it was due for launch, and then only after Defra made significant changes to the land management options which will mean that almost a third of provisional Environmental Stewardship Agreements will not qualify for payments unless modified.