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LPILinux Professional Institute (Linux)
LPILunar and Planetary Institute
LPILines Per Inch
LPILogistics Performance Index
LPILow Probability of Intercept
LPILa Propiedad Industrial (Spanish: Industrial Property)
LPILightning Protection Institute (Harvard, Illinois)
LPILearning and Performance Institute (UK)
LPILand Policy Institute (Michigan State University)
LPILinux Professional Institute
LPILow Pressure Injection
LPILayer Protocol Implementation
LPILiquid Propane Injection
LPILanguage Proficiency Index
LPILender Placed Insurance
LPILiving Planet Index
LPILanguage Proficiency Interview
LPILumosity Performance Index (metric)
LPILaser Peripheral Iridotomy (glaucoma treatment)
LPILysinuric Protein Intolerance
LPILicensed Private Investigator
LPILibyan Petroleum Institute (Tripoli, Libya)
LPILow Pressure Isolation
LPILow-Pressure Injection
LPILand & Property Information (NSW, Australia)
LPILaps Per Incident (racing)
LPILinkoping, Sweden - Saab (Airport Code)
LPILive Production Institute (Las Vegas, NV)
LPILate Payment Interest
LPILow Pressure Inflator (SCUBA)
LPILast Patient In (clinical trials)
LPILinear Position Indicator
LPILead Program Integrator
LPILicensed Plumbing Inspector
LPILinder Publishing Inc.
LPILaser Plasma Instability
LPILiquid Photo Imaging
LPILow Probability of Interference
LPILast Paid Installment
LPILouisiana Pain Initiative
LPILeague of Paranormal Investigators
LPILoss Prevention Investigator
LPILaunch Package Integration
LPILouisiana Polytechnic Institute (now Louisiana Tech University)
LPILittle People of Ireland
LPILabarge Products, Inc (St. Louis, MO)
LPILiquid Penetration Inspection
LPILife Preserving Interval (pedestrian crosswalks)
LPILaunching Position Indicator
LPILog-Polar Image
LPILaw Protection Inc. (Canada)
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The summit was co-hosted in Dearborn, Michigan by the Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Toledo Chambers, and was supported by the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, the Michigan State University Land Policy Institute, and The Henry Ford.