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No outlaw in this land uses the dialect in which thou hast spoken.
All of these causes could be considered as subsets of poor land management and imprudent land use changes (Braimoh and Vlek 2008).
Tenders are invited for Assist the city in performing master plan activities for land located at the new Interstate 11 / US 95 Highway for the purpose of: identifying the desired land uses as well as identify unfavorable land uses; recommended visual appearance of development; recommended generalized size and mass of typical buildings; typical employee count for a land use; and utility infrastructure needs, including utility load, connection points for extension, with cost estimates for extension.
South Dumfries township, wherein it was proposed to amend the Official Plan land use designations through the introduction of a Special Policy Area in the Agricultural Area for a portion of the subject lands so that the existing recreational land use activities (i.
Significance of the fixed effects of land use, depth, and their interaction was examined using approximate F statistics.
This GEF project will support the Govt of Suriname in mainstreaming biodiversity conservation and climate change in land use planning through: (i) capacity building in sustainable forestry management, and (ii) strengthening of critical environmental functions to support sustainable land use planning and management.
The current Jacksonville zoning regulations, read in conjunction with the city's noise ordinance and Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board Rule 4 (JEPB Rule 4), provide safeguards against the impact of noise and land use conflicts.
Well, whether true or not, the zoning office printing presses have been rolling ever since creating layer upon layer of land use restrictions, that have shaped the course of development across the United States.
The California Air Resources Board (CARB) recently announced its unanimous approval last week of the "Air Quality and Land Use Handbook: A Community Health Perspective," an advisory tool developed over the past two years through a partnership with community and environmental groups, business organizations, local air districts, and other state and local agencies involved in the land use planning process.
Based on the type of business, an ITE land use code was assigned to each property that best reflected the trip generation characteristics of the property using the ITE Trip Generation Manual.
The most important lessons from this flow chart are: (a) Pluck the low-hanging fruit: start with existing improvements and property already serviced with utilities to launch a land use programme, and consider the redevelopment of under-utilised property; (b) always check for non-interference with aviation needs and uses, current and projected, such as clear zones and noise abatement areas.
Zoning is the primary tool used by localities to regulate land use.
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