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LandWarNetUS Army enterprise network (US DoD Global Information Grid)
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For the moment, put down PS, get on the Internet and explore the LANDWARNET eUNIVERSITY.
Exhibits Virtual and Mobile Acceleration for Advancing Army CommunicationsExpand Networks, the largest supplier of WAN Optimization products to US Government and Military agencies, will demonstrate the latest innovations in acceleration techniques for US Army communications, to include tactical cloud computing and comms-on-the move at LandWarNet 2009.
AMEDD should reconsider its plans for future digital operating systems at brigade and below within the MEDCOM Battle Command System under the LandWarNet. Funding limitations may require AMEDD to choose between the medical logistics interface tab and TCAM.
To ensure the maximum level of interoperability across hosting environments and among Department of Defense components and mission partners, the design and use of the Army cloud will follow approved JIE, LandWarNet 2020, Army cloud architecture, Information Architecture and operational directives.
The Foundation Layer is a sub-component of the Army's LandWarNet. It leverages and is inextricably linked to traditional communications and information systems and Signal Corps Core Competencies such as Network Operations and Network Transport and Information Services-when they are being conducted in support of intelligence synchronization, operations, and analysis and other aspects of the Intelligence Warfighting Function.
The US, with the Global Information Grid and its more recent Landwarnet Army infrastructure, are leading the way, whereas France appears as a European leader with recent upgrade of its Thales-delivered RITA N4 deployed networks to accommodate mobility and throughput of deployed battlegroups below brigade.
Harris said that the PM-MRAP is acquiring the AN/PRC-117G radios and related vehicular systems to provide the ability to upgrade to MUOS satellite communications as directed by Army G3/5/7 LANDWARNET. The US Army and US Marine Corps are acquiring AN/PRC-117G radios for use in Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles reportedly for the first time.
Special Operations Command, talked about their specialized communications needs at the Army's LandWarNet conference Aug.
We continue working to implement a common logistics operating environment (CLOE), which comprises a fully-integrated suite of Army logistics information technologies and processes that fuse network-centric data-sharing and sensor-based self-reporting systems within the Army's LandWarNet construct in support of multifunctional logistics operations.
First, get your hands on your computer keyboard and type in: This is the LandWarNet eUniversity-Signal website.
WIN-T is a component of LandWarNet, which is the Army's portion of the Department of Defense's Global Information Grid (GIG) and the Army's counterpart to the Air Force's ConstellationNet and the Navy's FORCENet.