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LGLife's Good
LGLife's Good (electronics company, Japan, Asia)
LGLittle Girl
LGLady Gaga (musician)
LGLocal Government
LGLandgericht (German court)
LGLiebe Grüße (german chat closing like "cheers" or "CU")
LGLeft Guard (football)
LGLargo (Portuguese postal usage)
LGLet Go
LGLittle Giant
LGLumen Gentium (Light of the Nations; Second Vatican Council)
LGLuxair (Luxembourg, IATA airline code)
LGLanding Gear
LGLiquid Generation
LGLieutenant Governor
LGLa Grange (Texas)
LGLuxury Goods
LGLondon Gazette (London, UK)
LGLandesgericht (Court of Justice; Austria, Europe)
LGLower Ground (floor)
LGLow German
LGLand Grab (online game)
LGLesbian and Gay
LGLogistics Group
LGLaser Guided
LGLine Group (Alcatel)
LGLife Guards (A British Regiment)
LGLinux Gazette (computing)
LGLiquid Gas (energy source)
LGLightning Gun
LGLiving Greyhawk (RPGA run Dungeons and Dragons Living Campaign)
LGLawful Good (gaming)
LGLois Griffin (Family Guy character)
LGLevel Gauge
LGLower Gastrointestinal
LGLightguide (optical fibre)
LGLittle Gamers (comic strip)
LGLeft Gaze
LGLockwood Greene
LGLanding Ground
LGLetter of Guarantee (legal document)
LGLiar Game (Japanese drama)
LGLateral Gastrocnemius (muscles)
LGBinary Logarithm (Base 2)
LGLady of the Garter
LGLos Gatos, CA, USA
LGLocation Gateway
LGLight of Latgale (Latvia)
LGLinguistic Geometry
LGLower Garage
LGLicensed Geologist
LGLanding Group
LGDCS/Logistics (USAF)
LGLucky Goldstar Corporation (South Korea)
LGLethal Ghosts (gaming clan)
LGLiter Gena (Slovak underground music band)
LGLip-Of-Gutter (surveying)
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For a German denial of a claim regarding Nazi-loss on the basis of the 30-year limitation period, see: Landesgericht Frankfurt am Main, Urt.
the President of a Landesgericht (district court of a Land) for
Former SS member Karl Landesgericht later said: "The victims had to lie face down in a trench and were shot in the side of the head.
Cvjetkovic, Landesgericht Salzburg, 31 May 1995; Higher Regional Court Vienna, 22dVR4575/01; Extraterritorial Jurisdiction in the European Union, REDRESS, http://fidh.org/IMG/pdf/Extraterritorial_Jurisdiction In the_27_Member_States_of_the_European_Union_FlNAL.pdf.
Engelmann appealed the decision before the Landesgericht Linz, which has asked the court to rule on whether the Austrian regulation is in conformity with EU law.
20, 1996 (Fr.); Bayerisches Oberstes Landesgericht [BayObLGZ] [court of appeals for selected matters in Bavaria], 23 May 1997--3 St 20/96 (F.R.G.) reprinted in part in NEUE JURISTISCHE WOCHENSCHRIFT 392 (1998) (Ger.); R v.
The former, considering that the use of this land is endangered by the radioactivity generated by the nuclear power plant and that there are risks to public health and the environment, referred the matter to the Landesgericht Linz (Linz Regional Court) in 2001 in order to put a stop to this nuisance and adapt the plant to the technical standards in force, or even close it if the necessary adaptations prove to be impossible.
The question was referred by the Linz Regional Court (Landesgericht Linz) following an interpretation by Austria's Higher Court (Oberster Gerichtshof).
(88) for example use of "Uwe" in connection with clothes was sufficient to bring to mind in most Germans the football celebrity Uwe and to imply an endorsement, Uwe (1983) NJW (Neue Juristische Woche) 1185, German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof, "BGH"): use of "Berti" considered to be an infringement on Berti Vogts' name right, (1988) NJW-RR 748, District Court of Dusseldorf (Landesgericht Dusseldorf "LGD");
(21.) See, e.g., Landesgericht Elberfeld [LG] [District Court]
The author of the latest such contribution, like Kafka himself, is both a lawyer and a literary author, being a judge at the Carinthian Landesgericht and having published fiction and poetry in both German and Slovenian.
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