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LFGELandfill-Gas-to-Energy Project (power plant development)
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8 MW landfill-gas-to-energy project in Charlotte County, Florida, via the acquisition of its subsidiary GES-Port Charlotte LLC, which owns the project.
Initiatives such as the landfill-gas-to-energy project and the solar panel installation at the Atlas Point facility contribute to Croda's high ranking.
A new landfill-gas-to-energy project at the Veolia ES Hickory Meadows landfill in Hilbert, Wis.
A landfill-gas-to-energy project in Florida has been designated Project of the Year by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).
Croda is constructing a $6 million landfill-gas-to-energy project at its Croda Atlas Point chemical manufacturing plant in New Castle, DE.
Global Energy Holdings Group develops renewable energy projects, including biomass gasification and landfill-gas-to-energy projects.
Its subsidiary, Global Energy Systems, develops renewable energy projects including biomass gasification and landfill-gas-to-energy projects.