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LLFLittle League Field (various locations)
LLFLED (Light Emitting Diode) Lighting Fixtures (Morrisville, NC)
LLFLow Level Formatting
LLFLow Level Format
LLFLight Loss Factor (lighting)
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LLFLandmark Legal Foundation
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LLFLoad Loss Factor
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LLFLoad List File
LLFLove Lives Forever
LLFLongest Latency First
LLFLemmy's Land Forum (video game forum)
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La Landmark Legal Foundation ya envio una carta al comite de etica del Senado, en la que recuerda una decision de su similar de la Camara de Representantes, que en 1994 enfrento un problema parecido cuando el exlider parlamentario Newt Gingrich firmo un contrato por 4.5 millones de dolares con la Harper Collins, del grupo del magnate Rupert Murdoch.
This magazine has been warning about Starr's corrupting entanglements for two years: his appointment spearheaded by Jesse Helms crony Judge David Sentelle (whose three-judge panel approved the most recent expansion of Starr's Whitewater probe); his grilling of Resolution Trust Corporation officials who happened to be suing his own law firm for fraud; his personal and professional ties to various right-wing, anti-Clinton outfits, including the tobacco lobby, Regnery Publishing and the Landmark Legal Foundation, funded by the same right-wing foundations that bankroll the Rutherford Institute; his amicus brief in the Jones case; his malicious and excessive contempt of court incarceration of Susan McDougal, making an unlikely martyr of the Clintons' Whitewater investment partner.
He's the man behind groups like the Landmark Legal Foundation ($275,000 in 1995), which files ethics complaints against Democrats in Congress, and helps defend Republicans.
Facing huge legal bills, the school board accepted an offer of free representation from the Landmark Legal Foundation shortly after signing the contract with A.P.S.
The pro-voucher Institute for Justice and the Landmark Legal Foundation are also helping defend the MPCP program.
Bowman is also a former board member of the Landmark Legal Foundation, which co-represented L.