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LANSLos Alamos National Security, LLC (California)
LANSLagrangian-Averaged Navier-Stokes (mathematics)
LANSLocal Area Network Server (Cisco)
LANSLandelijk Actieplatform voor Nationalistische Studenten
LANSLeadership Alliance National Symposium
LANSLos Angeles AFB(Air Force Base) Network Support (US DoD)
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Under this agreement, temple will handle Optical LAN distribution for businesses, government agencies and other organisations.
At these companies, the people responsible for supporting the LAN will also manage the SAN.
The wireless LAN at Sharp Labs is used by employees to roam between their desks, labs, and conference rooms while staying connected to important information they need to do their jobs.
This supplies secure access to e-mail, internal LAN resources, Web resources and more from any remote computer.
* Real-time, 24x7 monitoring of all 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g WLAN activity to identify rogue access points, unauthorized ad hoc networks, insecure wireless user stations and accidental associations to neighboring wireless LANs;
It retails from $2,099 with modem and Ethernet to $2,698 with Ethernet, 802.11 b wireless LAN, docking station, and DVD/CD-RW drive.
UNEXPECTED ADVANTAGE: By restricting access through a VPN, McGill's network is among the most secure wireless LANs in North America.
Yano Research Institute estimates that in fiscal 2001 domestic sales of wireless LAN base stations hit 417,500 units with sales of wireless LAN cards at 672,500.
The Service Center mainframe computers download updated information to District Office LAN file servers on a daily basis.
One approach to improving network performance is simply to install faster LANs. Many building and campus networks are already using 100-megabit per second (Mbps) FDDI.
Both the file and the application to run the file would be delivered apiece--the makings of a computer and software revolution, and another reason why LANs may be an endangered species.
For important business and legal reasons, LANs cannot be allowed to unnecessarily compromise privacy and security.