LaPACLouisiana Procurement and Contract Network
LaPACLatin American Parliamentarians against Corruption (est. 2002)
LaPACLife Amendment Political Action Committee
LaPACLaPorte Area Planning Advisory Committee (Colorado)
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Lapac, 69, also shot and wounded Raymar Quinones, 38, a provincial security guard.
As Lapac was reloading his gun, Matugas said another guard, Mario Tokong, shot him, enough to immobilize the would-be assassin and for other security personnel to disarm and pin him down.
Lapac, a former chair of Barangay Luna in Surigao City, had bullet wounds but was declared safe at Surigao Medical Center.
She said she dropped to the ground when Lapac fired in the air and then let out a volley of shots all aimed at her.
Both the LAPAC and the NARAL-PAC were organized in late 1977 to support congressional candidates in the 1978 election.
The LAPAC contributed $10,510 to congressional candidates--$3,296 for four Senate elections and $7,214 for 12 House races.
While the average contribution from the NARAL-PAC to a Senate race was higher than that of the LAPAC ($2,559 compared with $824), the average amount of support for a House contest was similar ($649 compared to $601).
Though a compilation of the win-loss records of both political action committees is interesting and useful, it does not provide a very accurate index of relative political effectiveness, since some of the candidates supported by the LAPAC or the NARAL-PAC were almost guaranteed reelection because of district characteristics, while others faced impossible uphill fights.
The data on LAPAC and NARAL-PAC receipts and expenditures for 1977-1978 were provided by the Public Records Office of the Federal Election Commission (FEC).
In those cases, we excluded these races from consideration when we calculated the overall percentage of campaign funds contributed to all House and Senate candidates by the LAPAC and NARAL-PAC.
Contract award notice: fa sheffield - forestry: duga resa, jastrebarsko krnjak ozalj and pisarovina; fa senj - forestry: barbat, krasno, makati and crikvenica; fa gospic - forestry: donji lapac, gracac, senj, perusic, korenica and udbina; fa split - forest unit split and dubrovnik.