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LAPSALineas Aereas Paraguayas SA (Spanish: Paraguayan Airline SA)
LAPSALaboratory Accreditation Program for Substance Abuse (Canada)
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Lapsa, bajo el nuevo nombre de Transportes Aereos del Mercosur, fue adquirida por TAM de manos de la aerolinea Saeta, de Ecuador, despues que Saeta no logro enmendar los malos habitos de la linea estatal paraguaya.
Westwood Ward Conservative Councillors David Skinner, Marcus Lapsa and Tim Mayer are seeking reassurances from the council that the area won't have rubbish building up on its streets following an increase of missed bin collection complaints.
Wheel deal: Buyers watch as the cars are driven on to the auction floor under the auspices of auctioneer Christina Lapsa at Manheim's, in Darlaston.
In a new book chronicling the Troubles, Marcus Lapsa remembers how he and his fellow soldiers would blast out Hymns & Arias at the top of their lungs to keep the rioters awake all night, leaving them too tired to cause any more chaos during the day.
Cllr Marcus Lapsa, myself and Cllr David Skinner ensure we work with people all year round not just at election time.
We welcome the opportunity to participate in this project which will play a huge role in the reintegration of lawbreakers, said Oj?rs Lapsa, CEMEX Area Sales Manager.
In a new book about the Troubles, A Long Long War: Voices From The British Army In Northern Ireland 1969-1998, Marcus Lapsa, from Nelson, recalled how troops from the Royal Regiment of Wales would blast out Hymns & Arias at the top of their lungs to keep the inmates awake and too tired to protest.
Yes, Coun Blackman made her presentation, but Pat Lapsa of the Nelson Action Group also gave a very good five-minute presentation objecting to this long-running battle.