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LAPSILos Angeles Psychoanalytic Society and Institute (California)
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31) In response, the North Africans declared their support for Cornelius, as well as for the decisions of a Roman synod held under his leadership that had both excommunicated Novatianus and adopted a process for reconciling lapsi that corresponded to their own practice.
473A-B, infant Lapsis 1526 484C-486A/HS 227;BH communion 246 [DELTA] various Urteil II Oberthur, Cypriani, credobaptism Epistles & 1526 110-35;222-54, De lapsis 71-83; P L4:463-494B/HS 244f.
On ka arvamusi, et lapsi ja taiskasvanuid ei maetud alati uhte ja samasse kalmesse.
Although Cyprian claimed that Marcianus had separated himself from communion, a careful reading of the letter would suggest that the bishop of Aries had not joined in schism, but had continued to endorse a rigorist policy with regard to the lapsi at a time when most other bishops had softened their initial positions.
If the generalization that wealthier Christians lapsed while poorer Christians remained faithful has a degree of truth to it, then we must understand the laxist position on the readmission of the lapsi not only in theological terms but in socioeconomic terms as well.
Belleair: (0181 785 3255) 1wk B&B at the Lapsi Hotel, pounds 352 per person (May), pounds 440 (Aug), with Air Malta flights.
69) Erasmus, 1933, 205 (LB 5:90B): "et sicubi manifestius lapsi sunt, quam ut dissimulari possit, reverenter ab illis dissentiamus, non insectantes conviciis humanos lapsus, sed quod licet attenuantes atque purgantes.
Lastega naiste toojouturule toomiseks anti rahvamajanduse noukogu alluvusse lasteaiad ja -soimed, mis teenindasid pohiliselt rahvamajanduse noukogu susteemi tootajate lapsi.
Maetud oli surnumajja nii mehi, naisi kui ka lapsi ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1996).