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LDSLatter-day Saints (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
LDSLightweight Directory Services (windows programming)
LDSLaptop Docking Station
LDSLocal Development Strategy (various locations)
LDSLoeys-Dietz Syndrome
LDSLongitudinal Data System (education; various locations)
LDSLogo Design Software
LDSLoods (Dutch)
LDSLiberalna Demokracija Slovenije (Slovenian: Liberal Democracy of Slovenia)
LDSLong Distance Service
LDSLens Data System
LDSLaser Direct Screen
LDSLinux Development Suite
LDSLoad Stack Pointer
LDSLinbox Directory Server
LDSLogical Data Stream
LDSLogo Design Studio
LDSLogic Data Set
LDSLower Data Strobe
LDSLinear Data Set
LDSLoad Ds Segment
LDSLarge Disk Support
LDSLiterary and Debating Society (various locations)
LDSLoans for Disadvantaged Students (US HRSA)
LDSLeadership Development Specialist
LDSLiberal Democratic Party (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
LDSLeague Division Series (Major League Baseball)
LDSLearning Disabilities Services (various locations)
LDSLiquid Delivery System
LDSLimited Data Set
LDSLow Discrepancy Sequence
LDSLeak Detection System
LDSLeadership Development Solutions (Romania)
LDSLibrary Development and Services (various locations)
LDSLotus Discovery Server
LDSLogistics Data System
LDSLinear Dynamical System
LDSLicentiate in Dental Surgery
LDSLocal Digital Switch
LDSLocal Dive Shop
LDSLimited Discrepancy Search
LDSLabor Distribution System
LDSLightning Detection System
LDSLoral Defense Systems
LDSLarge Disk Support (computing)
LDSLightweight Decontamination System
LDSLogic Development System
LDSLaus Deo Semper (Latin: Praise to God Always)
LDSLeiden-Dwingeloo Survey
LDSLocation Dependent Services (GSM cellular)
LDSLeadership Development System
LDSLoad Demand Spindle
LDSLogical Data Store
LDSLinear Dataset (IBM, VSAM)
LDSLeft-Heart Delivery System (Medtronic Inc.)
LDSLightguide Distribution Shelf (AT&T)
LDSLaser Docking Sensor
LDSLaser Detection System
LDSLexington Discrimination System
LDSLearning Delivery System
LDSLayered Defense System
LDSLaunch Detection Satellite
LDSLoan Data Sheet
LDSLethal Defense System
LDSLocal Digital Services
LDSLevel Discrete Set
LDSLearning Disability Skills
LDSLocal Data Services
LDSLiberalno Demokratska Stranka Liberal Democratic Party, Slovenia)
LDSLos del Sur Rebel (Spanish: The Rebel South)
LDSLaboratório de Desenvolvimento de Software (Portuguese: Lab Software Development)
LDSLightguide Distribution System (AT&T)
LDSLockdown Sleeve (oil drilling)
LDSLow Dynamic Stiffness
LDSLocal Dissemination System
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According to Goodrich the system includes its EFB display and laptop docking station hardware as well as EFB software.
The ISP1521 again is a single-chip device with integrated transceivers that can be used in monitors, laptop docking stations, PC motherboards and stand-alone hubs.
Contract awarded for To supply Laptop Docking Stations for school classrooms and other teaching & learning rooms
Delivery of standard personal computers, TFT monitors, 15 and 12 notebooks and laptop docking stations, which are made by the individual directorates available as part of projects within the ZDF.