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LARESLatin American Real Estate Society
LARESLatin American Recruitment and Educational Services (est. 1975)
LARESLexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System (acoustical enhancement)
LARESLate Antique Religion and Society (University of California, Berkeley)
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Lares, second generation president and chief executive officer of Lares Research, said, "This acquisition positions Lares Research in three rapidly growing new dental equipment markets -- air abrasive cavity preparation systems, lasers and high performance composite curing systems.
Toronto's Elgin Theatre had an early LARES (Lexicon Acoustic Reinforcement and Enhancement System) installation from Lares Associates of Belmont, Mass.
In recent years, Puerto Rico has dedicated some 20,000 acres to coffee, mainly in Lares and other coffee-growing towns such as Adjuntas, Las Mareas, Maricao, Yauco, Mayaguez, Morovis and Jayuya.
Lares is an Internist who helps lead the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) Adult & Geriatric Medicine Specialists team.
Doug Jones: Lares et Panates is at the Ceri Hand Gallery in Cotton Street from January 14 to March 19.
The result is not simply a resurrection of previously forgotten or obscure texts, but an entire reconsideration and overturning of existing assumptions concerning representations of the "puritan," for example, or notions of "millennialism;" not only texts but the traditions they represent also receive attention, as in the neo-Latin writings that emerged from the religious and court culture of James, or the homiletic tradition that infuses, according to Jameela Lares, the poetry of Milton.
Instead, Lares discusses Raphael and Michael as preachers.
As late as the 40's, Lares and surrounding regions produced what was considered to be the world's most sought-after gourmet coffee.
The case is "Ovidio Lopez Morales and Mateo Lares Michocoj, et al.
For many of the young people on the streets, the only thing they live for is their neighborhood,'' said Manny Lares, a Pico neighborhood activist and representative for Santa Monica Barrios Unidos.
Committee members include Event Chair Danielle Lares, Stacie Standifer, Susan Andrews Thompson, Linda Marcrum, Marlei Daugherty, and volunteers from the Junior League of Nashville.
Un Reflejo De Miami"- Darwin Robles, Giancarlo Monsanto, Daniel Lares