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LSSLabour and Social Security (China)
LSSLutheran Social Services
LSSLanguages and Social Sciences (UK)
LSSLegal Services Society (Canada)
LSSLean Six Sigma
LSSLitigation Support Services (various locations)
LSSLogistics Support System
LSSLarge Scale Structure
LSSLong Story Short
LSSLearning Support Services (various locations)
LSSLast Scattering Surface (astrophysics)
LSSLaw Students Society
LSSLocal Security Scanner
LSSLoadable Storage System
LSSLinux Support Services
LSSLarge Space Structure
LSSLocal Sponsored Search
LSSLive Security Service
LSSLarge Space System
LSSLogical Subsystem
LSSLinux Software Society
LSSLess than
LSSList Saved Snapshots
LSSLicensed Software Services
LSSLarge Storage Systems
LSSLotus Script Source
LSSLandesk Security Suite
LSSLocal Security Solution
LSSLinux Security Systems
LSSLayered Security Solutions
LSSLotus Smart Suite
LSSLight State Source
LSSLife Support Services
LSSLower Secondary School (various locations)
LSSLumbar Spinal Stenosis
LSSLocal School System
LSSLondon School of Samba (UK)
LSSLaw Society of Singapore
LSSLife Support System
LSSLincoln Square Synagogue (New York, New York)
LSSLarge Scale Survey (physics)
LSSLong Straight Section
LSSLine Sharing Service (telecommunications, Australia)
LSSLaboratory for Student Success
LSSLocal Search Space (algorithms)
LSSLaw Students' Society
LSSLifesaving Society (Canada)
LSSLinear System Solver (mathematics)
LSSLearning Skills Services (Sonoma State University; California)
LSSLife-Span Study
LSSLow Strength Steel
LSSLife Saving Service (precursor to US Coast Guard)
LSSTerre-De-Haut, Guadeloupe (Airport Code)
LSSLotus Smart Suite (software)
LSSLast Song Syndrome
LSSLeveraged Super Senior (investing)
LSSLightweight Shotgun System
LSSLatino Student Success
LSSLocal Scrapbooking Store
LSSLife Safety System
LSSLump Sum Settlement
LSSLogistics Support Squadron
LSSLarge Scantling and Squares (Malaysian timber industry)
LSSLAN Switch Security (book)
LSSLarge Sample Size
LSSLawrence Sheriff School (England)
LSSLink Status Signal (SONET)
LSSLife Support Subsystem
LSSLoop Switching System
LSSLittoral Surveillance System
LSSLicensing Support System
LSSLoan Servicing System
LSSLimited Stop Service (India busses)
LSSLightning Sensor System
LSSLaser Subsystem
LSSLink Signaling Sublayer
LSSLoss of Sequence Synchronization
LSSLaboratory Shift Superintendent
LSSLATA Switching System (Bellcore)
LSSLab Support Services
LSSLow, Slow & Small (military threat)
LSSLocal Switching System
LSSLogical Source Statements
LSSLogistic Support Site
LSSLiterature Search System
LSSLaminated/Stainless Steel
LSSListening Skills and Strategies (education)
LSSLabrador State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
LSSLogistics Support Summary
LSSLightStream Switching (Cisco)
LSSLocal Safety Supervisor (UK)
LSSLimited Storage Site
LSSLoad Scaling Sensitivity
LSSLow Speed Switch
LSSLicensed Software System
LSSLarge SICPS Shelter
LSSLogistic Support Summary
LSSLunar Soil Stimulant
LSSLEC Settlement System (telephony/communications)
LSSLimited Service Scheduling
LSSLigament Suspension System
LSSLimiting Safety Setting
LSSLine of Sight Sensor
LSSLeast Square Straight Line (regression line)
LSSLaunch Sequence Simulator
LSSLaunch Status Summarizer
LSSLocal Service Server
LSSLightguide Shelf Splice (AT&T)
LSSLarge Studio System
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Even though encouraging preliminary results of the studies are available about this new surgical technique with less number of complications but we need to do more prospective trials comparing the two groups of Ligasure to the traditional one with large sample size and long term follow ups for recurrence to conclude its definite good efficacy, so that it will become a good option of treatment for third and fourth degree heamorrhoids.
The study, which draws strength from both its large sample size and longitudinal design, makes clear that existing clinical guidelines have not recognized the full impact of VMS on women in midlife.
With its large sample size, combined with a method intended to take the opinions of otherwise 'difficult to reach' voters we have confidence its design has made every effort to reflect the opinions of all Scottish voters.
If the designed study with large sample size is needed for further exploration of issue then it is also to be mentioned.
The nationwide poll was conducted during July 16, 2014 to August 6, 2014 with a large sample size of 3065 citizens throughout Pakistan.
2] can be set to 1/3 to give a conservatively large sample size requirement in applications where the researcher has little prior knowledge regarding a plausible value of the squared multiple correlation.
The study was limited by the use of self-reports, but its strengths include a large sample size with high participation, the researchers said.
The advantages of the NIS include large sample size and a broad representation of practice type.
Dr Meng-Chuan Lai, another member of the team, noted: "The advantage of conducting a meta-analysis is that we can summarise the best knowledge from a vast, heterogeneous literature, with a very large sample size.
It includes a large sample size and a well validated instrument to assess aggressive symptoms several years after early childhood spanking.
check] Collected from a large sample size of people who were chosen randomly and given anonymity to ensure accuracy
Nine studies from 1764 publications initially identified were incorporated in the review, providing they met the following inclusion criteria: large sample size with follow up of 6 months or more; the use of tests to measure cognitive changes (such as the MiniMental State Examination); and reported risk estimates or number of events for Alzheimer's disease (AD), dementia, mild cognitive impairment or cognitive decline based on measures of fruit and vegetable consumption.
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