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LVDLow Voltage Differential (SCSI)
LVDLow Voltage Disconnect
LVDLow Voltage Directive
LVDLLS (Laser Leveling System) Vertical Deviation
LVDLow Voltage Device
LVDLow Voltage Differential
LVDLarge Visual Display
LVDLarge Volume Detector
LVDLow Visual Display
LVDLast Visible Dog (band)
LVDLeft Ventricular Dysfunction
LVDLow Voltage Detector
LVDLarge Visual Display (for hearing- and sight-impaired)
LVDLac Vieux Desert
LVDLight versus Dark (gaming)
LVDLime Village, Alaska (Airport Code)
LVDLaser Video Disk
LVDLymph Vessel Density (often used when referring to cancer metastasis)
LVDLogical Volume Descriptor (OSTA universal disk format)
LVDLow Vision Device
LVDLow-Velocity Drop
LVDAbsent on Leave from Ship's Company Duty (US Navy)
LVDLow Velocity Detection
LVDLow-Voltage Discharge
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Forces Command also has two self-contained, mobile units that provide four personal computers and a large visual display to illustrate key conservation messages.
Momentum Medical employs a large visual display called the MotorMan.
The store will have a sales floor area of 4,100 square meters, where Uniqlo said it would offer local and international customers a huge shopping area and a world-class immersive shopping experience featuring large visual displays and state-of-the-art design concepts.
Washington, Nov 24 (ANI): Researchers at Purdue and the University of Manitoba in Canada have developed a software that enables people to use large visual displays and touch screens interactively over the Internet for business and homeland security applications.
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