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The current orders from Middle East-based carriers stand at 1,319 aircraft, of which 687 are single-aisle, 409 twin-aisle and 162 very large aircraft.
Moopen said it will take several years for the completion of that plan and hence the Civil Aviation Ministry has to reinstate the stalled services of large aircraft which are also important to support tourism, investment and development in the state.
This runway is up to international standards and in fact several large aircraft have landed in Muscat, especially the Airbus A380," he added.
Chicago-based United will join Allegiant Air as the only airlines that use large aircraft on routes from Eugene.
The aircraft type segment is further categorized into Very Large Aircraft (VLA), Wide Body Aircraft (WB), Narrow Body Aircraft (NB), and Regional Jets (RJ), while the battery chemistry segment is classified into Nickel Cadmium, Lithium, and Others.
In the various size categories the forecast predicts total demand for 1,710 very large aircraft, 6,970 twin aisle wide bodies and 19,520 single aisle aircraft.
The Airbus product line comprises the best-selling A320 Family in the single aisle market, the popular A330 and all-new A350 XWB in the mid-size widebody category and the flagship A380 in the very large aircraft segment.
The airport says that [pounds sterling]43 million (US68$m) has already been invested in six new large aircraft stands, two of which can accommodate the A380, helping Gatwick to compete on an equal footing with other London airports for long-haul carriers flying the super jumbo.
However, the airframer is unmoved by the recent sales success of the Airbus A380, remaining downbeat about long-term demand for very large aircraft.
It's part of the agency's proposed new large aircraft standard security program, or LASSP, which attempts to consolidate overlapping rules and create new ones.
The proposed regulation would reduce the susceptibility of large aircraft misuse by individuals wishing to harm the United States and its citizens.
An ANA spokesman said the airline had set up a committee on Thursday to select a new fleet of large aircraft, but no decisions had been made.