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LCMLeast Common Multiple
LCMLowest Common Multiple
LCMLife Cycle Management
LCMLondon College of Music (Thames Valley University)
LCMLaser-Capture Microdissection
LCMLighting Control Module
LCMLiquid Crystal Module
LCMLymphocytic Choriomeningitis
LCMLeeds College of Music (UK)
LCMLong Course Meters (swimming)
LCMLower of Cost or Market (accounting)
LCMLiquid Crystal Display Module
LCMLiquid Composite Molding (simulation software)
LCMLanding Craft, Mechanized
LCMLife Cycle Model
LCMLittle Cypress-Mauriceville High School (Orange, TX)
LCMLife Cycle Manager (SPAWAR)
LCMLeadership and Change Management (various organizations)
LCMLoss Cost Multiplier (insurance)
LCMLiquid Composite Molding
LCMLinux Cluster Manager
LCMLat Computer Manager
LCMLandesk Configuration Manager
LCMLogin Client Module
LCMLarge Core Memory
LCMLat Communications Manager
LCMLife Cycle Methodology
LCMLeft Click Menu
LCMLost Circulation Material (oil drilling)
LCMLutheran Church of the Master (various organizations)
LCMLouisiana Children's Museum
LCMLoss Control Management (business accountability)
LCMLanding Craft Medium
LCMLetalski Center Maribor (Slovenian flight center)
LCMLeft Costal Margin
LCMSisters of the Little Company of Mary (religious order)
LCMLeadership Competency Model (various organizations)
LCMLondon Canal Museum (UK)
LCMLiving Computer Museum (Seattle, WA)
LCMLoose Cubic Meter (metric measurement)
LCMLife Cycle Monitoring (marine conservation)
LCMLeather Case for Motorola (cell phones)
LCMLine Control Module
LCMLarge-Capacity Magazine (guns)
LCMLawton Chiles Middle (Lakeland, FL)
LCMLocal Church Ministry
LCMLarge Case Management
LCMLead Containing Material
LCMLive Current Media (Canada)
LCMLogistics Cost Management (supply chain)
LCMLive Country Music
LCMLoss Control Manual (various organizations)
LCMLove, Courtship and Marriage
LCMLow Cost Media
LCMLiaison Committee Meeting (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development)
LCMLotsoff Capital Management (Chicago, IL)
LCMLow Cost Move
LCMLegal & Compliance Management (various companies)
LCMLEAF Creation Method (Escrowed Encryption Standard)
LCMLaser Countermeasure(s)
LCMLatitude Capital Management (French asset management company)
LCMLegal Costs Management (UK)
LCMLine Concentrating Module
LCMlogical computing machine (aka Turing machine)
LCMLoyal Clan Member (gaming)
LCMLight Carrying Medium (presumably coined by astronomer Tom Van Flandern)
LCMLogistics Community Manager
LCMLogic Control Module
LCMLine Cost Model (Sprint)
LCMLiquid Cooling Module
LCMLevel Converter Module
LCMLaunch Confirmation Message
LCMLens-CCD Module
LCMLocally Corrected Nystrom Method
LCMLyreco Core Model
LCMLinear Coded Modulation
LCMLine Carrier Module
LCMLake Champlain and Moriah (railroad)
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The district attorney said that during a search of his home, police discovered a Sig Sauer 516 and a large-capacity magazine, which are both illegal to own under California law.
The NASGW-Orchid Advisors Firearms State Portal helps industry members answer questions such as: "What laws affect selling a large-capacity magazine in Colorado?" or, "What laws affect selling pistols in Massachusetts?"
In April 2013, four months after the shooting at Sandy Hook, Connecticut lawmakers passed a ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazine ammunition.
The magazine fits into the 10/22 receiver in the usual fashion, and while I suppose you could use the regular 10-rounder, it's hard to imagine a better excuse for a large-capacity magazine than this kit.
Assault weapon and/or large-capacity magazine owners who purchased the items before the law went into effect on April 4 were given until Jan.
The study period included years when the federal assault weapons ban was in place, and a 2004 study of the ban by one of the same researchers ( was cautious in its conclusion about large-capacity magazine limits.
For 2005, Springfield is introducing a wide-body version of its plain-vanilla GI pistol with a large-capacity magazine. Plus, there is a new, tiny Micro-Compact 1911, with grip-frame shortened fore and aft to take advantage of the shorter overall length of the .45 GAP cartridge.
What if that student had obtained and used an assault rifle with a large-capacity magazine? How many people would have been killed?
With its 10 1/2-inch barrel, relatively compact dimensions (early Annihilators had no buttstocks, only front and rear handgrips) and large-capacity magazine, Thompson envisioned his brainchild as the ideal arm with which to clear trenches.
Gardiner added, however, that "the reason most mass shootings are conducted with assault weapons is that shooters know full well what weapon to select if they want to kill the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time possible, and that's an AR-15-style gun with a large-capacity magazine. If this shooter had had one of those, quite likely there would have been more deaths and injuries.
Trifone was arraigned in Uxbridge District Court on charges of illegal possession of a large-capacity firearm, illegal possession of a large-capacity magazine, ammunition without a FID card, possession of a burglary tool and carrying a firearm without a license.
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