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And such expectations of price appreciation are supported by the high likelihood that a large non-commercial buyer -- that is, the European Central Bank -- is on the verge of restarting its large-scale asset purchase programme while pushing its policy rates even more negative.
The landscape of the federal funds market changed drastically in the wake of the Great Recession as large-scale asset purchase programs left depository institutions awash with reserves, and new regulations made it more costly for these institutions to lend.
The fund asked for a "large-scale asset purchase programme" if inflation failed to rise, as well as a push to boost demand, saying that 70% of youth unemployment in the eurozone was caused by a slump in conditions rather than rigid labour markets or a lack of skills.
Those moves were apparently in response to remarks then Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made regarding the Fed's large-scale asset purchase program, or quantitative easing (QE).
See also Joseph Gagnon, Matthew Raskin, Julie Remache, and Brian Sack, "The Financial Market Effects of the Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchases," International Journal of Central Banking, March 2011; Stefania D'Amico, William English, David Lopez-Salido, and Edward Nelson, The Federal Reserve's Large-Scale Asset Purchase Programs: Rationale and Effects, Finance and Economics Discussion Series, no.
Confidence that is solidly grounded in improving economic data, accumulated over a sufficient span of time, will help me conclude that the work of the large-scale asset purchase program, as a temporary supplement to conventional interest-rate policy, is complete."
"The Macroeconomic Effects of Large-Scale Asset Purchase Programs," Economic Journal.
A June 23 guest viewpoint by Phillip Romero and Riaan Nel discussed the Federal Reserve's large-scale asset purchase program - the second round of quantitative easing, popularly known as QE2.
In the volume's third paper, Joseph Gagnon, Matthew Raskin, Julie Remache, and Brian Sack discuss the implementation and impact of the Federal Reserve's large-scale asset purchase (LSAP) programs implemented through spring 2010.
Markets will also be listening for any hints about a possible large-scale asset purchase, or quantitative easing, programme that also includes government debt.
A case in point is June 2013, when news of the possibility of tapering the Fed's security purchases within the third round of the Large-Scale Asset Purchase Program (also known as QE3) led to sharp changes in long-term yields.
If inflation remains stubbornly low, the ECB should consider a large-scale asset purchase programme, primarily of sovereign assets, according to the ECB's capital key," it said.
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