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This paper implements the Furfine's method on an unusual dataset from the unique Colombian large-value payment system (Cuentas de Deposito--CUD).
Interbank transactions settled in large-value payment systems are not labeled as such in most systems around the world (Heijmans et al., 2010), whereas the Colombian large-value payment system obliges financial institutions to use specific codes when registering interbank transactions.
While Fedwire is referred to as a large-value payment system, it also handles a surprisingly large number of payments of relatively modest size.
In addition, a limited number of large-value payment systems around the world clear dollar payments in their local jurisdictions.
Many payment systems are characterised as either retail or large-value payment systems. However, not all retail payments are directed through retail payment systems, and not all large payments are directed through large-value payment systems.
"Understanding Intraday Credit in Large-Value Payment Systems." Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Economic Perspectives 24 (3rd Quarter): 29-44.
UCC 4a says, in effect, that a payment becomes final as soon as the recipient's bank (or the recipient, if the recipient is a bank) accepts a payment instruction from the large-value payment system. In practice, such payments are virtually always accepted.
Financial System." The paper presents business continuity best practices for core clearing and settlement organizations and other firms that play significant roles in critical wholesale financial markets and large-value payment systems. Public comments on the paper were due in October.
A common form of GS large-value payment system is the real-time gross settlement system, at which both the information processing and settlement take place continuously in real time.
This article considers the evolution of large-value payment systems in light of the trade-off between providing liquidity and limiting settlement risk.
A 2005 report by the Bank for International Settlements, "New Developments in Large-Value Payment Systems," is an authoritative source on the many alternative systems introduced until that time.
It also highlights related policies for large-value payment systems in the private sector.