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LARPLive Action Role Play (game)
LARPLive Action Role Playing
LARPLotus Address Resolution Protocol
LARPLHC (Large Hadron Collider) Accelerator Research Program
LARPLocal Assistance Road Program (Georgia)
LARPUnited Republican Party of Latvia
LARPLight Airfield Repair Package
LARPLatin America Regional Program (Mexico)
LARPLightweight Address Resolution Protocol
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As the operating environment changes and technology improves, LARP platoons must be able to adapt to provide task force commanders with the skills necessary to quickly open runways.
According to a press release of NAB a complaint was submitted by a Senator to the bureau regarding land grabbing allegedly by the officers of LARP.
The event's organizers, Poland's Liveform and Denmark's Rollespilfabrikken, stress the LARP does not includes the use of the Harry Potter stories and is based "in a universe of our own making", with different characters which participants develop.
A Live Action Role-Play, or LARP as it's more commonly known, is a creative form of interactive storytelling in which participants physically play a character of their own creation and engage with other characters to develop an unfolding story.
LARP is live action role-playing, in which participants physically act out their character's action in a plot.
Live Action Role Playing (LARP) programs allow teens to create their own worlds, storylines, and characters.
A new funding mechanism for road and transportation projects is a double-edged sword for local governments that have watched as funding for GDOT s Local Assistance Road Program, or LARP the program that helps local government fund vital infrastructure improvements has been steadily reduced, but who are also hesitant for change.
Hoffman Loan Assistance Repayment Program (LARP) administered through the Maryland Higher Education Commission.
You may experience precisely that if a prototype augmented-reality game system called LARP (live-action role-playing games) becomes fully developed, according to William Sims Bainbridge in The Warcraft Civilization.