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LKSri Lanka
LKLich King (gaming)
LKLion King
LKLarry King
LKLeistungskurs (German)
LKLackey (gaming)
LKLatin Kings (gang)
LKLenny Kravitz
LKLisa Kudrow (actress)
LKLime Kiln
LKLetter Kills (band)
LKLosartan Potassium (antihypertensive)
LKLittle Kickers (toddler soccer program)
LKLaatste Kwartier (Dutch)
LKLääketieteen Kandidaatti (Finnish: Medical Student)
LKLillehammer Kommune
LKLaser Keratotomy (laser procedure for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism)
LKLamellar Keratotoplasty
LKLaister-Kauffman Aircraft Corp. (aircraft code)
LKLatin Killers (gaming clan)
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Washington DC [USA], Dec 13 ( ANI ): Legendary American television talk show host Larry King has finally responded to sexual misconduct allegations made by Terry Richard.
Sir Tom's appearance on Larry King Now also included a chat about his memoir, Over The Top And Back.
Larry King Joins Group to Buy Dodgers [ESPN] Earlier: Larry King's New Business Potential Dodgers Buyers, In Order of Preference A Modest Proposal Regarding the Dodgers
F) announced today that it has retained the services of Larry King, an internationally recognised media host, to provide international advisory and awareness services.
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences will be honoring Larry King with the Lifetime Achievement Award at the News & Documentary Emmy[R] Awards on September 26, 2011.
When Piers, 45, asked why he thought the ratings for Larry King went down in the past few years, Larry said it was because of the rise of opinionated hosts on cable shows where "the guest is a prop".
The country singer, 76, who is playing music festival Glastonbury in June, was talking about his smoking habits on CNN's Larry King Live when the presenter asked him if he smoked it before going on stage.
The Larry King Cardiac Foundation was born from these discussions.
King put the Spice Girl on the spot on his Larry King Live show.
Larry King hosts Paris * Incarcerated Paris Hilton will give her first live interview following her release from prison on Tuesday to talk show host Larry King.
As host of CNN's longest-running interview program, Larry King has conducted more than 40,000 interviews to the delight of millions who regularly tune into Larry King Live.