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Bush's 2004 campaign manager, was outed by Bill Maher on Larry King Live in 2006 and consequently resigned from his post as the Republican National Committee chairman.
He told CNN's Larry King Live it represented "probably a point of closure".
Jaycee Speaking on CNN's Larry King Live, Ms Hall said when she heard the news of his latest arrest she started screaming and shouting "Oh my God, oh my God, it's him".
Speaking on CNN's Larry King Live, Dr Klein said he wasn't surprised that investigators had found several bottles of prescription drugs at Jackson's home.
Larry King is known to millions of viewers and is one of the most celebrated talk-show hosts on TV, so his autobiography is a winning guide, revealing his life from Depression-era Brooklyn to his rise as CNN's 'Larry King Live' show.
"I came to grips with, ironically, that being surgeon general I probably would not be able to continue to practice surgery," Gupta said on CNN's "Larry King Live" program.
He appeared as a guest on CNN's Larry King Live after claiming earlier that Mr Obama lacked "what it takes to protect America from terrorists."
On Larry King Live in late April, the president's daughter, accompanying her mother for an interview about their new children's book, surprised Larry by saying that "of course" she would consider voting for a Democrat this election year.
King put the Spice Girl on the spot on his Larry King Live show.
The socialite will appear on CNN show Larry King Live to give a one hour talk on her experiences in prison.
As host of CNN's longest-running interview program, Larry King has conducted more than 40,000 interviews to the delight of millions who regularly tune into Larry King Live. Dubbed the "master of the mike," King fulfilled an ambition that began at age five when the Brooklyn-born youngster would lie in bed listening to the radio--knowing one day he would be part of it.
IN 1993 David Reynard declared on Larry King Live that a cell phone had caused his wife's fatal brain cancer and that he was suing for damages.