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LDVLeonardo da Vinci
LDVLiberal Democrat Voice
LDVLight Duty Vehicle
LDVLeyland Daf Vans
LDVLaser Doppler Velocimetry
LDVLaser Doppler Velocimeter
LDVLocal Defence Volunteers (Afterwards Home Guard, UK)
LDVLimited Dependent Variable
LDVLarge Data Volume (Salesforce)
LDVLow Dollar Value
LDVLaser Doppler Vibrometers
LDVLeyland Daf Vehicles
LDVLow Data Voice
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Yu, "Multipoint laser Doppler velocimeter" Optics Communications, vol.
The first phase of the proposed method of research is the characterization of the axial component of the fluid velocity and turbulence fluctuations at a range of preselected measurement points inside the working chamber from the root of the rotor to its tip using an existing dual beam laser Doppler velocimeter; other components of the flow, in particular the circumferential component, will be measured in the next phase, since it requires a specially designed optical window.
Laser doppler velocimeter (Melectro, V1002) based on the heterodyne interference technique is used.