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In addition to the latest generation Thales Radar Warning Receiver and an EADS Laser Warning Receiver, all Tigers are equipped with a missile launch detector--the Milds AN/AAR-60 from EADS.
BAE SYSTEMS laser warning receiver integrates world-class sensor performance into the existing hardware of ATK's much-improved missile warning sensor.
A follow-on programme is expected to add a directed infrared countermeasures system, laser warning receiver and towed decoy.
The designator must remain within line of sight of the target, so an accurate laser warning receiver will give a firing solution for a missile to attack the designating platform.
The equipment consists of a Thales radar warner and an Eads laser warning receiver and will be complemented by an MBDA Saphir-M decoy system, of which more than 500 were ordered at the beginning of September in what the company claimed was largest single contract placed for such a system in Europe.
The program demands unrestricted technology cooperation for design, development, modification, and local production of the central processing units, radar warning receivers and Jammers, and the laser warning receivers.
Laser-guided threats can often be detected and countered by using a laser warning receiver.
MBB has a laser warning receiver designated COLDS, for which Tracor has the US licence.
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