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LVLas Vegas (Nevada)
LVLouis Vuitton
LVLogical Volume
LVLow Voltage
LVLatvia (ISO Country Identifier)
LVLehigh Valley
LVLaunch Vehicle
LVLeft Ventricular
LVLeft Ventricle
LVLimit Value
LVLos Verdes (Spanish political party)
LVLongview (community college in Missouri)
LVLow Volume
LVLivermorium (element)
LVLight Vessel (ships; various locations)
LVLong View (Green Day song)
LVLord Voldemort (Harry Potter books character )
LVLinda Vista (California)
LVLatent Variable
LVAlbanian Airlines (IATA airline code)
LVLumbar Vertebrae
LVLord Vader (Star Wars; fictional character)
LVLeft Vector (mathematics)
LVLiquid Volume
LVLimited Visibility
LVLiquidation Value
LVLinking Verb
LVLeading Vehicle
LVLevel Valve
LVLassa fever virus
LVLight Voltage
LVLocate Stolen Vehicle (police incident code; New Zealand)
LVLive Variable
LVLatching Valve (or Latch Valve)
LVLehigh Valley Railroad Company
LVLet Vibrate (handbells)
LVLunch Voucher
LVLight Volcano
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Also on display at the booth: a modular LED light source from In Tandem Designs with interchangeable single and multi-LED modules; advanced motion systems and piezo motor components from Nanomotion; holographic light shaping diffusers and micro optics from Luminit; laser protection equipment from LaserVision; and information on laser safety training courses.
As the part is laid up, the LASERVISION system will capture images of the part.
Commenting on the results, LaserVision chairman and CEO, John J.
For example, the AG-LD30, an industrial MultiLaserdisc player from Panasonic Broadcast and Television Systems Co., will play 12" and 8" LaserVision discs as well as 3" and 5" audio CDs and CDV (CD-Video) discs.
The compact disc (CD) for high-quality sound reproduction and LaserVision (LV) optical disc for high-quality video playback are most familiar to the consumer market.
Laservision is a laser-probe system for tube and pipe measurement, inspection, and data storage.
CD-V (compact disc-video) entered theconsumer market in the summer of 1988 and is a combination of CDDA and LaserVision videodisc.
The levels are very low--similar to the exposure levels of soft x-rays from flying at 12,000 metres according to Mayerhofer at Laservision. However, he added that the hazard still cannot be underestimated, and there's no measurement device so far for the levels of radiation produced.
New York, NY, April 16, 2015 --( Dello Russo LaserVision is excited to announce that they started research on a new LASIK procedure that can eliminate the need for reading glasses in the near future.
Opthalmic surgeon Mr Keith Williams, a researcher in refractive surgery at Moorfields Eye Hospital and clinical director of LaserVision in London's Harley Street, has five tips for patients considering LASIK surgery to cure short sight.