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LASOSLatin American Student Organization of Simon (Rochester University; New York)
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The Mexicans excelled at this savage sport; chasing their unfortunate victims at full speed; noosing them round the neck with their lasos, and then dragging them to death!
Had he exerted a little of the Lynch law of the wilderness, and hanged those dexterous horsemen in their own lasos, it would but have been a well-merited and salutary act of retributive justice.
The Californian horsemen seldom ride out without the laso [sic]; that is to say, a long coil of cord, with a slip noose; with which they are expert, almost to a miracle.
The laso is also of great use in furnishing the public with a favorite, though barbarous sport; the combat between a bear and a wild bull.
According to RCI, an expert in the vacation ownership and vacation real estate industries, this year LASOS will feature many important members of the Latin American tourism community, including Roberto Chapur Duarte and Roberto Chapur Zahoul from RCD Resorts; Alberto Coppel from Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts; Valentino Danchev from Grupo Vidanta; Jorge Herrera and Gonzalo Mosqueda from Unlimited Vacation Club AMResorts; and Rosario Rodriguez from Royal Holiday Group.
Enfis has also signed three more distributor agreements increasing the total number of distributors signed to 16 - LASOS GmbH in Central Europe, Iwanejko Electronics in Poland and AMS Technologies in Europe.
Sagipa se describio como "mozo de color moreno, cabellos lasos, abundantes i negros, de ojos grandes llenos de melancolia", pero en definitiva hermoso "con toda la belleza de las razas primitivas", un autentico "Adan indico".