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LCALife Cycle Assessment
LCALabor Condition Application
LCALife Cycle Analysis
LCASaint Lucia (ISO Country code)
LCALand Capability Assessment (Australia)
LCALutheran Church of Australia
LCALife Cycle Approach (environmental assessment) (Australian Linux conference)
LCALondon College of Accountancy (UK)
LCALondon City Airport (UK)
LCALitigation Counsel of America (honor society; New York, NY)
LCALight Combat Aircraft
LCALeaving Certificate Applied (Irish Department of Education and Science; Ireland)
LCALeber's Congenital Amaurosis (inherited retinal degenerative disease)
LCALast Chance for Animals
LCALa Crescenta (Amtrak station code; Crescenta, CA)
LCALakeland Christian Academy (various locations)
LCALightwave Component Analyzer
LCALoad Control Assembly
LCALinux Certified Administrator
LCALane Change Assist
LCALandscape Character Assessment (UK landscape planning)
LCALutheran Church in America (now part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)
LCALow Cost Alternative
LCALeft Coronary Artery
LCALegalise Cannabis Alliance (UK)
LCALeonberger Club of America (dog club)
LCALarge Commercial Aircraft
LCALambda Chi Alpha (fraternity)
LCALeukocyte Common Antigen
LCALower Control Arm (automotive)
LCALand Conservation Act (California)
LCALane Change Assistant (vehicle radar)
LCALouisiana Coastal Area
LCALights, Camera, Action
LCALanding Craft, Assault
LCALast Common Ancestor
LCALandscape Character Areas
LCALife Cycle Architecture (software development)
LCALithocholic Acid
LCALow Cost Automation
LCALandscape Contractors Association
LCALowest Common Ancestor (graph theory)
LCALouisiana Chemical Association
LCALogic Cell Array
LCALake Carriers Association
LCALocally Compact Abelian (mathematics)
LCALocal Competent Authority (various locations)
LCALinux Certified Administrator (Sair Linux and GNU certification)
LCALincoln Castle Academy (Lincoln, UK)
LCALow Carbon Accelerator (investing; various locations)
LCALife Changing Apparel
LCALarge Civil Aircraft (aviation)
LCALand Ceiling Act (India)
LCALaboratory for Computational Astrophysics
LCALife Cycle Applications
LCALouisiana Counseling Association (Shreveport, LA; est. 1968)
LCALigamentum Cruciatum Anterius (Latin: Anterior Cruciate Ligament; knee)
LCALesher Center for the Arts (Walnut Creek, CA)
LCALobe Centerline Angle (automotive engineering)
LCALesotho Communications Authority (regulatory body)
LCALocal Cooperation Agreement
LCALiquor Control Act (Canada)
LCALife Communicators Association
LCALittoral Cell Angioma
LCALegal & Corporate Affairs
LCALaboratory for Computer Architecture (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering; University of Texas at Austin)
LCALogistics Capacity Assessment
LCAlymphocyte common antigen
LCALinked Cluster Algorithm
LCALaggan Community Association (est. 1974; UK)
LCALaunch Control Area
LCALocal Country Agreement (contracts)
LCALow Cost Aircraft
LCALancaster County Academy (Pennsylvania)
LCALamborghini Club America (Orinda, CA)
LCALehigh Christian Academy (Pennsylvania)
LCALogistics Control Activity
LCALewis Creek Association (Charlotte, VT)
LCALeadership Center for Asian Pacific Americans
LCALoad Controller Assembly
LCALoop Crossover Assembly
LCALoopback Command, Audio Loop Request
LCALauncher Control Area
LCALine Circuit Address
LCALocal Call Area
LCALarnaca, Cyprus - International (Airport Code)
LCALouisiana Chess Association
LCALiquid Crystal Attenuator
LCALasik Centers of America (Laser eye surgery centers)
LCALeadless Component Assembly
LCALumbermen's Credit Association
LCALodging Capitalization Assessment
LCALetter Carrier Assistant (Canada Post)
LCALower Close Auxiliary
LCALine Concentrating Array
LCALockup Clutch Actuator
LCALinear Cellular Array
LCALower Class Adoption (band)
LCALoop Control Architecture
LCALimited Commercial Availability
LCALine Cutter Assembly (aerospace system)
LCALocal Christian Assembly (various locations)
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In the case of the shark that was previously believed to be toothless, the CT scans and other renewed study of the fossil, in addition to offering clues about the last common ancestor between sharks and humans, speaks to the evolution of sharks themselves.
The last common ancestor of humans and chimps almost certainly lived less than 10 million years ago (mya) (Benton and Donoghue, 2007), and conceivably as recent as 4 mya, though such a recent date is becoming difficult to reconcile with fossils.
"And, just like Darwin appreciated, evolution of the ape lineages and the human lineage has been going on independently since the last common ancestor we shared."
Researcher April Ruiz said: "Because we have found this ability in lemurs, we can push back the date of its evolution far beyond the last common ancestor we share with apes, or even monkeys, back to the first primates."
Indeed B is more closely related to E than to A To see this, find the last common ancestor of A and B (Node 1).
Alex Rosenberg provides an interesting discussion of whether genomics will be able to reveal differences in genetic regulatory sequences between humans and primates (e.g., chimpanzees) that will give molecular geneticists clues about the course of evolution from our last common ancestor. The details here are important, since many working in evolutionary ethics presuppose a strong kin selection component in our disposition for altruistic behaviour--this despite the fact that, 'long before our last common ancestor with the chimps (about 5 million years ago), all the primates had ceased to live in groups in which kin altruism would be selected for' (188).
The second section 'The Fossil Evidence' gets to grips with the bones, starting with the evolution of the primates before reviewing the numerous species of hominins (essentially us and our ancestors after we split from the last common ancestor that we and the chimps shared).
According to Gary Olsen, a microbiologist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, "the naive picture that a group of organisms got all their genes from a simple last common ancestor is breaking down".
Alan Walker's involvement with the discover of fossil ape Proconsul began when his graduate supervisor analyzed the tree-climbing adaptations of this extinct creature: Walker's history of the evolution of ideas surrounding the create is almost as engrossing as the focus on the last common ancestor between all apes and humans itself.
This procedure yielded estimates for the last common ancestor of H37Rv and CDC1551 in the range of 34,000-38,000 years (Table 1).
The great antiquity of the fossil material and all its anatomic characteristics ''suggest together a close relationship to the last common ancestor between humans and chimpanzees, and it implies a probably earlier chimpanzee-human divergence (at least as early as seven million years ago) than previously indicated by most of the molecular studies,'' the researchers said.
He said: 'The new hominid displays a unique combination of primitive and derived characters, suggesting a close relationship to the last common ancestor between humans and chimpanzees, suggesting him as a likely ancestor of all later hominids.'