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LDOCLast Day of Classes
LDOCLong Distance Operational Control (aviation)
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The constitution was subject to public referendum on the last day of classes and had a very low voting turnout, yet it was approved and immediately ratified.
After dinner the tour will visit a former school near Firdale preserved as it was on the last day of classes, before the tour returns to its starting point in Winnipeg at about 8.00 pm.
The police, however, worried a little longer and, according to the New York Times, posted squads of cops outside heavily Jewish schools, on Essex and Grand Streets, where, on the last day of classes, graduates performed scenes from The Merchant of Venice to their Yiddish-speaking parents, none of whom rioted or even panicked.
Today (July 30) is the last day of classes with the closing ceremony tomorrow morning and then a party at the school that Jane, Sonia and I will host for all of our teachers.
John Martin, NIC's vice president for community relations and marketing, said the college had no responsibility to rehire Bryan, who was told by an e-mail on the last day of classes in 2007 that she would not be returning to teach in 2008.
THEY were too young for a degree but children at a Birmingham school still donned their caps and gowns on their last day of classes.
May 26, 2000: 13-year-oldNathaniel Brazill killed his English teacher, Barry Grunow, on last day of classes in Lake Worth, Florida, after the teacher refused to let him talk with two girls in his classroom.
"My last day of classes is on October 1, after which I will be officially eligible to take over the job."
Monday was the school's last day of classes before the year-end break.
The third said that it wasn't a First Amendment case, reasoning that since Fowler showed the movie as "entertainment" on the last day of classes and did not teach about the film, she had no academic freedom claim.
It was the last day of classes before the holiday break, traditionally a low point in the teaching/learning cycle.
The last day of classes will be May 22, 2020, the Friday before Memorial Day weekend, if no emergency days are used.