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LDOTLast Day of Treatment
LDOTLouisiana Department of Transportation
LDOTLong-Term Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy
LDOTLow-Dose Opiate Therapy
LDOTlower disorder-to-order transition
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The VAS ratings were made again on the third day of treatment and on the last day of treatment (7 days from baseline), while the repeat SF-36 ratings were made only on day 7.
Research shows that taking Tequin (gatifloxacin) lowers blood sugar during the first three days of treatment and then causes a rise in blood sugar levels from the fourth to last day of treatment. Always inform doctors of any health conditions (such as high blood pressure or diabetes) and whether you have any drug allergies.
Fasting blood glucose levels were measured after animals fasted for 4 h (starting from 9:00 AM) on Day 0 (before treatment), Day 5 (during treatment), and Day 12 (last day of treatment).
On the 49th and last day of treatment, she returned to her health-care provider and was admitted to a hospital because of jaundice and altered mental status.
On the first and last day of treatment, Percival drew blood from the volunteers and separated out the neutrophils, a type of white blood cell.