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Today is the last day of work and the holiday begins tomorrow.)
The number of passengers in terminals is expected to balloon on Holy Wednesday, which is the last day of work before the holiday starts, and on Easter Sunday, when the people start returning to the city.
The maid confessed to stealing the watch on her last day of work
Since the employment termination notice and information regarding the last day of work was duly served to the employee before the employee availed his leave, the employer here may argue that it has fulfilled its obligations with respect to the notice period.
In a recent announcement, Corley said his last day of work is Dec.
My last day of work in Abu Dhabi will be September 18, 2014 and my successor will be announced shortly.
ARETIRING lollipop lady arrived in style for her last day of work.
Thompson's retirement date is Monday, May 12, the same date as the election, so her last day of work will be during voting.
The Russian government forwarded the agreement with Kyrgyzstan on gas supply to the State Duma on the last day of work of the Russian legislative body.
Jan Bray resigned in October and her last day of work was January 15.
Shane Todd was found hanged in his home after his last day of work at IME.
Crowds filed in to the pubs from early afternoon, with many celebrating their last day of work before the Christmas holidays.