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Synopsis: "Ethics in the Last Days of Humanity" by academician Don Cupitt (a Life Fellow and former Dean of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, England) is not about the science of global warming so much as the absence of a serious ethical and religious response to it.
In A Hetz or The Last Days of Humanity, Austria's Theater Hausruck sets out into the countryside, audience in tow, to explore issues of involuntary migration.
Following in the footsteps of the acclaimed end-of-them millennium/end-of-the-world comedy "Last Night," "Extraordinary Visitor" reps a much more uneven vision of the last days of humanity. First-time writer-helmer John W.
It was Ronconi who, at the height of the troubles of 1968, staged Ariosto's Orlando Furioso almost as a comment on the changes in Western society; who organized a superb production of Karl Kraus' The Last Days of Humanity on the eve of the Gulf War; and whose recent production of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure described a climate of sickness that resonated profoundly in this age of AIDS.