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During last financial year, local jeeps and cars production also recorded negative growth of 15.84% as 216,780 jeeps and cars were domestically assembled as against the assembling of 213,138 jeeps and cars of same period of last year.
"The reduction in fees for on street parking was the cornerstone of amendments in the last financial year but saw drastic reduction in revenue collections and also brought about congestion within the city centre," he said.City Hall collected an estimated Sh10 billion in the 2018/2019 financial year that ended in June against a target of Sh15 billion.
The Retail & Oil division completed small complementary acquisitions in the lubricants and retails sectors before the end of the last financial year and the company said these units have "successfully integrated into the existing business", DCC added.
The 47 counties had by end of last financial year in June 2018 accumulated Sh108.41 billion claims from contractors and suppliers, from Sh35.84 billion the year before, according to the office of Controller of Budget data.
The West Midlands' biggest company was named as JCB, the heavy machinery firm owned by the Bamford family, which racked up sales of PS3.3 billion in its last financial year - 28 per cent more than in the previous year.
The heir to the throne made the bulk of official overseas travel by senior royals in the last financial year - reflecting his work supporting the Queen who has not taken a longhaul flight for years.
At Wednesday's cabinet meeting members heard the authority had ended the last financial year with a PS3.562m underspend however.
He said the department has earned Rs 39.010 billion up to March 2019 from the operational activities, which was Rs3.706 billion more than the revenue earned during the same period of the last financial year.
Its line losses stood at 38.1pc during the last financial year.
However, during the month of July, 2018, exports of cotton yarn grew by 7.26 percent and about 42,767 metric tons of cotton yarn wroth US$ 117.343 million exported as compared the 42,549 metric tons valuing US$ 109.030 million of same month of last financial year, it added.
Because of these factors, the country's current account deficit is estimated to widen to 5 percent of GDP compared to 4.1 percent in last financial year.
Auto Business News-April 3, 2018--Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India reports sales for last financial year