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LGMLongmont (Amtrak station code; Longmont, CO)
LGMLast Glacial Maximum
LGMLet's Get Married
LGMLet's Go Mets (New York Mets)
LGMLittle Green Men (Astronomical: first used as the designation for pulsars)
LGMLembaga Getah Malaysia (Malay: Malaysian Rubber Board)
LGMThe Lone Gunmen (X-Files)
LGMLeadership, Governance and Management (UK)
LGMLawful General Merchandise (shipping industry)
LGMLaser Guided Missile
LGMLes Gouvernements Municipaux (French: The Municipal Governments)
LGMLogistics & Maintenance
LGMLoop Group Multiplexer
LGMLow-Grade Moron
LGMLiftgate Module (General Motors)
LGMLaser Guided Munitions
LGMLieutenant Governor for Marketing
LGMLinear Gauss-Markov
LGMGround Launched Missile (military missile designation)
LGMLinearized Green-Function Method
LGMLogistics Guidance Memorandum
LGMLocalization Group Manager
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The researchers are also planning to use more complex and realistic computer models to delve deeper into the potential changes in the global silica cycle since the last glacial maximum. These might include more accurate representations of ocean currents, recycling of silica in the water column, and potential changes to the marine algal community.
Portage, Michigan lies upon deposits of glacial outwash from the Last Glacial Maximum, and drift from earlier glacial advances.
Key words: ecological niche modelling, Last Glacial Maximum, Last Interglacial, phylogeography, Pleistocene, Trochilidae
Anyway, several models have suggested that the sea level dropped by about 100 m during the last glacial maximum [55].
Earth and environmental scientists explore some of the ways that climate warming since the Last Glacial Maximum, some 20,000 years ago, has triggered geological events, primarily because of the shift in weight on the lithosphere as stationary glaciers melt and become moving oceans.
"This is a key observation, as large cats have suffered severe range contractions since the last glacial maximum, whereas wolves and bears have ranges that remain similar to their Pleistocene ranges," he said.
"The early onset of pottery making meant that food preparation intensified during the last glacial maximum," says Harvard University archaeologist and study coauthor Ofer Bar-Yosef.
Dr Pala said: "The end of the Last Glacial Maximum (Ice Age) allowed people to recolonise the parts of Europe that had been deserted and this expansion allowed increase of human populations.
At the last glacial maximum, the lower sea levels once again connected Asia and North America, and this time a new character was added to the cast.
Consequently, these molluscs predate the last glacial maximum and date from a previous flooding episode in the Arabian Gulf, most likely the last interglacial eustatic sea level high at 120 ka.