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LHFFLast Hired, First Fired (various organizations)
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Bledsoe votes--in effect--to blow a $100 million hole in the governor's budget, his administration ought to consider applying the principle of last hired, first fired.
And, yet, female critics who barely got a toe-hold anyway are often the last hired, first fired."
DI: In newspapers there has been a significant loss of journalists of color; last hired, first fired. Is it the same in broadcast?
Record jumps in unemployment and massive corporate layoffs are a further threat to the hard-won economic progress of black Americans, who too often remain the last hired, first fired, or who are employed in dying industries.
But it is a painful irony that this "good news" points to the veracity of a long-standing suspicion in the African American community that "last hired, first fired" job discrimination continues to plague their community 30 years after the marches of the civil-rights movement have ended.
To steer clear of any suggestion of discrimination, most institutions follow the "last hired, first fired" policy in determining who should go.
Most districts, according to the brief, base these decisions primarily on long-standing "Last Hired, First Fired" teacher seniority policies.
The weakening economy has revived a maxim known all too well by minorities in the work force: "last hired, first fired?' But in the latest version of that truism, it would be more accurate to state that the last hired will be the first to be laid off.
That pool has yet to be replenished by a jobless recovery, where African Americans continue to be the last hired, first fired, and most likely to be underemployed.
Another is that "many companies are still operating under a last hired, first fired pattern, which is firmly enforced by powerful labor unions," notes Kenneth P.