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The registry drive will target secondary school students who turned 17 years old since last update whose number is estimated at 68,000.
Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is still in critical condition fighting for his life, the Sheba Medical Center reported Sunday morning, four days after announcing Sharon's rapidly deteriorating health and two days since the last update on his condition.
Nothing had changed from the last update on Mandela's condition issued on Aug.
2, and in all likeliness will be the last update for the smartphone.
The overall number of cases in the Edinburgh outbreak now stands at 95, an increase of two since the last update on Thursday.
SNACK firm Glisten posted a 12 per cent rise in half-year profits yesterday - their last update before being taken over by Benecol maker Raisio.
5% reported in the firm's last update two months ago as the recession puts pressure on the business.
In its last update, Next warned of "extremely volatile" trading as a good September gave way to a disappointing October - but held its profits expectations in line with market hopes despite increasing pressure on shoppers from higher mortgage bills.
In my last update memo to you, I requested you submit a detailed contingency plan by December 17, 2004, if you anticipated any issue with successfully achieving this milestone.
Archbishop Peers' last update was a special presentation to ECUSA's House of Bishops on July 31 during that church's General Convention in Minneapolis.
ca which is the site of the Canadian Centre for Landscape Research has January 2002 as its last update but you persist.
SureSync administrators can leverage real-time replication and file versioning technology to maintain protected copies of data, as changes are made, ensuring data can be recovered from the last update or from last week's updates.