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LWDLogging While Drilling (oil drilling industry)
LWDLolly Wolly Doodle (clothing)
LWDLeeuwarden (Netherlands)
LWDLate Withdrawal (education)
LWDLabor and Workforce Development (State of New Jersey)
LWDLong Way Down
LWDLarge Woody Debris
LWDLittle White Duck
LWDLeft Wing Down (aviation)
LWDLotus Works Document
LWDLittle White Dress
LWDLone Wolf Development, Inc. (gaming)
LWDLeri-Weill Dyschondrosteosis
LWDLife With Derek (TV show)
LWDLight Weight Deflectometer
LWDLost Work Day
LWDLittoral Warfare Data
LWDLittle White Dog (West Highland White Terrier)
LWDLong Way Drivers (gaming)
LWDLiving Well with A Disability
LWDLast Working Day
LWDLandspray While Drilling (waste disposal)
LWDLarger Word
LWDLow-Water Data
LWDLong Wheel Drive (cars)
LWDLead Web Designer
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Meralco finalized all seven contracts during the last week of April 2016 (from April 20 to 27) and filed with the ERC on April 29, 2017 - the last working day before CSP's start.
THE Department of Work and Pensions' long-term research report on the impact of the 'bedroom tax' was slipped out with about 400 other Government documents on the last working day before Christmas.
RIYADH: Holiday destinations in all provinces across the Kingdom are ready for the busy tourism season as mid-term exams are over and the winter break began with Thursday being the last working day at Saudi schools.
It will be recalled that Domingo had said his last working day was last December 22, 2015 at the signing of the 2016 national budget in Malacanang.
from 25th June 2015through their counters till the last working day before Eid-ul-Fitr;
3) The employee has been served notice of employee contract termination by the employer on January 1, 2015, with the last working day being January 31.
Police had extra patrols across Teesside on Black Eye Friday which celebrated what was for many the last working day before Christmas.
The UGC letter was sent on July 21, the day DU colleges reopened, and directed DU to "re- engage those ad hoc teachers on the opening day of the academic session who fulfil the conditions laid down by the UGC and who were in place till the last working day of the previous academic session".
This was the last working day of the current academic year as the results of government-run schools were to be announced next Monday.
Office workers in the capital Montevideo filled pails and drenched passers-by as they saw out the last working day of 2013.
Islamabad -- The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has reminded the general public to exchange the decimal coins of Paisa 1,2,5,10,25 and 50 from the field offices of SBP BSC and commercial /microfinance banks branches by last working day of September 30, 2014.
It is a common practice in Oman and elsewhere that if the employee abstains from work on the last working day preceding the off day, he/she will forfeit his/her rights to claim compensation for the off days.