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From the end of last year to date, the ecological preserve in Cali - which is considered one of the best in Latin America - has welcomed a giant anteater, a lion, white-tailed deer, a titi monkey, lemurs, turtles, llamas, bears, baboons and antelopes.
The Referral and Booking Centre at the Hamad Hospital, which introduced a fixed appointment system earlier this year, has received a total of 50,816 referrals from May last year to date, it is learnt.
And 19 homes have already sold for $5 million or more this year, more than double the nine transactions in that price range last year to date.
And the period from October last year to date has been the driest since 1976, with inflows into Welsh reservoirs 20% lower than in 1976.
Since the start of the effective process of lustration in September last year to date, around 250 functionaries have passed through the lustration filter.
police said more than 157 people have been kidnapped this year in Haiti, up 10% from last year to date and a rate of about one per day.
The average growth for the firm as a whole is up 18 per cent on last year to date.
A significant decline in the number of transactions occurred in the Consumer Products and Communication & Media industry groups where activities were down by 29% and 25% over last year to date, respectively, while dollar values were down in turn by 95% and 79%.
The company, which makes wire garage organizers, has experienced 12 percent higher sales than last year to date.
Our report contains current month, last year, this year to date, and last year to date, on the following:
In at least five cases familiar to Nation between last year to date, terror suspects have secured their freedom after the prosecution failed to prove terror charges against them.