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LBELate Bronze Age
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An early 18th-century gold ring was found in Rhoose and another late Bronze Age hoard was found in Pentyrch, Cardiff.
First, it has been assumed that the fine ware bowls, showing distinct traits of a central European Urnfield culture milieu, that of the Late Bronze Age Lusatian tradition, might signify or express aspects of both personal use and social identity behind these dishes.
In the Late Bronze Age, writing in one or another imperial dialect (using cuneiform, naturally) was de rigueur among scribal circles of the Ancient Near East.
The National Trust will be investigating world-famous hill carving the Uffington White Horse, which dates back around 3,000 years to the late Bronze age, after the Irish-based bookmaker added the outline of a jockey.
Much of this battle has been presented with a decidedly Roman viewpoint: CARTHAGE MUST BE DESTROYED: THE RISE AND FALL OF AN ANCIENT CIVILIZATION uses new archaeological research to provide an alternate view of Carthage and its role in the late Bronze Age world, charting the struggle between Carthage and the Romans and offering a fine focus on a lost empire's lasting legacy.
It was known as Hatti in the late Bronze Age, and was the homeland of the Hittite power centered at Hattusa.
Researchers said the fragment shows that Jerusalem was an important city in the late Bronze Age, even before it became the capital of the Jewish state and the city in which the Holy Temple was built.
In Troy, it is the year 1250 BC during the late Bronze age.
Pasando ya a la estructura del encuentro, hay que senalar en primer lugar su organizacion en distintos bloques tematicos: Landscape studies, The social modelling of Late Bronze Age and Iron Age Societies, History of European research traditions y Approaches to material culture.
He told them Bowes Museum at Barnard Castle, County Durham, were interested in displaying the late Bronze Age hoard which dates back to between 1,000 and 800 BC, and includes a fragment of a spearhead, a bugle-shaped fitting from a tool or jewellery, two rings and three amber beads, thought to be an ancient burial hoard.
The graffiti, which was on a protected ancient hill fort with earthworks dating back as far as the late Bronze Age, is being removed using wire brushes and water.