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LGKLangkawi, Malaysia (Airport Code)
LGKLate Greek
LGKLocation-Guided K-Ary Algorithm (K = number of nearest destinations)
LGKLang Gysi Knoll (Swiss company)
LGKLow Greek
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In sum, I find this translation of Ammonius' commentary on Aristotle's On Interpretation useful for illuminating late Greek and medieval philosophy.
Athina, grand-daughter of the late Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis, became one of the world's richest people at the end of January with a fortune estimated at pounds 1.
THE late Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreous caused a political scandal when he left his wife for glamorous air hostess Dimitra "Mimi" Liani - 36 years his junior.
95--This volume consists of a brief introduction and nine outstanding essays divided into three parts, namely, "Aristotle and Plotinus," "Aristotle and Late Greek Thought," and "Aristotle in Byzantium and Islam.
apocrypha Late Greek apokryphos secret, uncanonical, from Greek, hidden
Late Greek thought has often been slighted by scholars, and middle Platonism may be the most neglected part of that neglected period.
biography Late Greek biographia, from Greek bioslife + graphein to write
Thus these commentaries are not only intrinsically interesting on their own philosophical terms, but are filled with cross references within the text of Aristotle - cross references that tell us how these texts were being construed within the schools of the time - as well as arguments revealing the background of live substantive issues introduced by Aristotle and his place within late Greek philosophy.
oxymoronplural oxymora Late Greek oxymo^Oron (in Latin authors), from neuter of oxymo^Oros pointedly foolish, from Greek oxys sharp, keen + mo^Oros dull