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LTTPLate to the Party
LTTPLink to the Past (video game)
LTTPLast Train to Paris (Sean Combs album)
LTTPLong Term Technology Plan
LTTPLong-Term Training Plan
LTTPLetter to the Players (online gaming community)
LTTPLatent to Ten Print (automated fingerprint processing)
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I may have come late to the party, but I am not interested in leaving just yet.
"From the X-ray perspective, the gas cloud is late to the party, but it remains to be seen whether G2 is fashionably late or a no show."
Rick Scott had on Thursday criticized the President for being 'late to the party' on port upgrades, and said the state is anticipating multi-million dollars in federal money for projects in Miami and Jacksonville and other Florida ports.
Fellow trainer William Haggas said: "I came late to the party but Michael and his friends had a few horses with me, including The Magic Of Rio, who won four times, and Groomed, who won at Sandown and Beverley this year.
It was like viewers had arrived late to the party and had to work hard to catch up.
Although they came late to the party, Labour is edging ahead of the Tories on this issue.
Gascoyne returns to F1 with 20 years of experience in the sport behind him and said: "We can't hide from the fact that we are late to the party, but we have already made good progress since our entry was confirmed in September.
Debbie celebrates turning 18, even though she acts like she's 28, while scheming Nicola makes sure David turns up late to the party.
It was added after the fact." Although the Q7 shares the same platform as the Touareg and Cayenne, because Audi was late to the party it was able to develop a version more in keeping with its brand attributes-including its distinctive all-wheel-drive system-while providing dealers with a long-wheelbase seven-passenger vehicle.
Most Americans don't generally think of tequila as anything other than the key ingredient to a margarita (which is a bit myopic but does have some merit; see "Millionaire's Margarita"), but taste buds north of the Rio Grande have always been known to arrive a little late to the party. Mexicans customarily drink tequila with their meals much the same way one might have a glass of Bordeaux or a cocktail here.
So I said, 'OK these guys know the customer, they know the problem they're trying to solve.' Then I wanted to have some sense of whether they were late to the party. Had the problem already been solved?
Others, of course, came too late to the party. Or they exercised early enough, but due to restrictions of the tax law could not sell right away and watched the value of their holdings plunge.