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LEMLow End Mac
LEMLuis Eduardo Magalhaes (Brazilian city)
LEMLunar Excursion Module
LEMLink Error Monitor
LEMLine Extender Module
LEMLocal Emergency Management
LEMLicomp Empik Multimedia (Poland)
LEMLocation Efficient Mortgage
LEMLearnable Evolution Model (artificial intelligence)
LEMLaw Enforcement Memorial (license plates; various locations)
LEMLabor, Equipment, Materials (various companies)
LEMLarge Emerging Market
LEMLay Eucharistic Minister
LEMLife Extension Magazine (Life Extension Foundation)
LEMLanguage Extension Module
LEMLaw Enforcement Manual
LEMLogistics Element Manager
LEMLinear Electric Motor
LEMLosing E-Mail
LEMLaw of Excluded Middle
LEMLyophilized Extract of Medlar
LEMLicenciado En Mercadotecnia (Mexico)
LEMLateral Eye Movement (neuro-linguistic programming)
LEMLocal Effect Model
LEMLower Equipment Module (US NASA)
LEMLive from Earth and Mars (educational project; also seen as LFEM)
LEMLaboratory for Energy and Materials (cycles)
LEMLiving Eck Master (cult)
LEMLaunch Escape Monitor
LEMLight Equipment Maintenance
LEMLight Emission Microscopy / Microscope
LEMLocal Event Manager
LEMLocal Equipment Manager
LEMLouisville Energy Marketing
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Moebius syndrome results from the underdevelopment of the cranial nerves which control lateral eye movement and facial expression.
Meeting Paul at his mews house eeting Paul at his mews house in desirable Kensington, it's clear his recent engagement to Kate Davey, 43, his personal assistant of 20 years, has given him even more of a spring in his step, as has his latest self-help book The 3 Things That Will Change Your Destiny Today!, introducing 'Havening Techniques' which include lateral eye movement and rubbing your hands up and down your arms, in a sort of maternal hug.
Damage to the abducent nerve causes medial strabismus in which the individual is no longer able to control lateral eye movement via the lateral rectus motor neuron.
Neurological examination of the affected patient revealed dysarthria, bilaterally restricted upward and lateral eye movements, limb and gait ataxia.
The stereoscopic situation is analogous to perception of two-dimensional space with a high-acuity fovea controlled by lateral eye movements. It is clear that the general layout of objects in two-dimensional space is readily perceived across the 180 degree field without lateral eye movements What the eye movements accomplish is detailed perception of a chosen part of the perceived scene.
The recall is accompanied by sets of lateral eye movements that the patient makes while focusing on her/his response.
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