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In case of posterior epistaxis, the bleeding points cannot be visualized on anterior rhinoscopy because these are located in the deep crevices of the lateral nasal wall or in the posterior part of the nasal cavity.
extensively describe multiple types of cartilaginous alar grafts used to correct functional issues while preserving the integrity and esthetic appearance of the lateral nasal wall. Long-term follow-up of these grafts has proven satisfactory with no evidence of warping or absorption [4].
(2) In another case report, the hemangioma was attached to the lateral nasal wall whereas in our case the lesion was found attached to the posterior end of the inferior turbinate.
However, lateral synechia formation between the middle turbinate and the lateral nasal wall is a well-documented complication of ESS, having been reported in 1 to 43% of cases.
MONDAY, March 19, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- For adults with nasal airway obstruction, repair of the lateral nasal wall is effective, according to a review published online March 15 in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.
Among these complications, adhesion between the lateral nasal wall and septum is one of the common complications and is a frequent cause of post operative nasal obstruction1,2.
Significant differences in middle turbinate and lateral nasal wall abnormalities were noted contralateral to the direction of septal deviation.
In her endoscopic nasal examination, a polypoid structure, of which the pedicle originated in the lateral nasal wall on the left, extended to the nasopharynx and obstructed the choana on both sides (Figure la, lb).
Factors likely to increase the risk of MiTLAF include the presence of matched mucosal abrasions on the lateral surface of the middle turbinate (MT) and the lateral nasal wall, mucosal abrasions at the axillary region of the MT, resulting in lateralising contractile forces during wound healing, MT destabilisation secondary to posterior ethmoidectomy or sphenoid access procedures, and postoperative blood clot formation [4, 5].
A 12-year-old male with past medical history of type II diabetes mellitus presented with a gradually enlarging mass on the left lateral nasal wall for 8 months (Figure 1).
Defects in the fontanel area of the lateral nasal wall observed in both axial and coronal PNsCT images were interpreted as an accessory ostium.
They describe the evolution of skull base surgery and the multidisciplinary team approach, endoscopic lateral nasal wall and anterior and posterior ethnoid sinus dissection, and the approach to various areas, as well as combined endoscopic-transcranial approaches, basic landmarks in expanded endoscopic skull base surgery, and reconstruction techniques, with information on indications, surgical steps, case examples, complications, and tips and tricks.
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