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LGNLateral Geniculate Nucleus (part of brain)
LGNLogical Group Node
LGNLíquidos de Gas Natural (Spanish: Natural Gas Liquids)
LGNLook Good Naked
LGNLogical Group Node (Sprint-ATM)
LGNLogical Group Number
LGNLinear Graph Notation
LGNLog-Normal Distribution
LGNLink Goes Nowhere (forums)
LGNLeague of Geofictional Nations
LGNLocal Group Node
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(2002) Saccadic eye movements modulate visual responses in the lateral geniculate nucleus. Neuron 35, 961-974.
[19] The thalamic nucleus opticus principalis of the thalamofugal pathway receives direct retinal inputs and projects to visual Wulst in the telencephalic ectopallium and is homologous to the lateral geniculate nucleus of mammals.
Optic radiation: Optic radiation or geniculo calcarine pathway arises in the lateral geniculate nucleus and is the relay station of fibres carrying visual impulses to the occipital lobe.
Deficient responses from the lateral geniculate nucleus in humans with amblyopia.
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